25mm Cool White Irrigation Pipe

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Keep your nutrient solution cool to speed up nutrient uptake and help prevent root problems – use our cool white irrigation pipe. Available by the metre or on 30m rolls.

    To keep heat out, our cool white pipe has two layers - a black layer to block UV rays – a white layer to reflect heat.

    As result, you nutrients will flow at a lower temperature allowing your oxygen level to increase, which will improve nutrient uptake and lower the risk of root problems.

    It’s simple, but it works. During summer, Our Cool White PIpe is the only pipe to use. Its also made in Britain so you know its quality you can trust.

    • Keeps your nutrient cool
    • Temperature drops by 3oC – 8oC
    • Double wall to keep heat out
    • White outer layer to reflect heat
    • Black inner layer to block UV rays
    • Prevents root problems (like Pythium)
    • Helps improve nutrient uptake 
    • Maximises oxygen level

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