Advanced Nutrients Tasty Terpenes (Nirvana)

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Introducing Tasty Terpenes™, the evolution of the trusted formulation you've come to rely on from Advanced Nutrients Nirvana. This cutting-edge rebrand brings you the same proven excellence, now with a name that perfectly reflects the rich, frosty blooms it nurtures. Tasty Terpenes™ is a meticulous blend of ingredients that have consistently delivered impressive results, ensuring your plants flourish and reward you with bountiful yields.

General Information

Tasty Terpenes™ is the ultimate choice for growers seeking larger, more robust harvests. Crafted with the perfect combination of potassium, kelp extract, and alfalfa meal, this premium biostimulant creates an optimal environment to unlock your plants' full potential. Amino acids promote sturdy stalks and hefty buds, while the infusion of kelp and alfalfa provides essential multivitamins for peak performance. With a rich supply of bloom-boosting potassium and crucial fertiliser minerals, Tasty Terpenes™ gives your plants the ideal conditions to enhance their own food production through photosynthesis. 


  • Enhanced Stalk Strength: Tasty Terpenes™ fortifies your plants' stalks, ensuring they can support the weight of heavy, resin-packed buds.
  • Bigger, More Abundant Buds: The potent blend of ingredients encourages the development of larger, denser flowers.
  • Nutrient-Rich Formulation: With kelp, alfalfa, and essential minerals, this biostimulant provides a balanced diet for your plants, promoting vigorous growth.
  • Improved Photosynthesis: Tasty Terpenes™ optimises conditions for efficient photosynthesis, helping your plants produce their own sustenance.

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