Bloomroom Flexi 4 site kit (Bubbler dwc) 100L

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The Bloomroom Bubbler 4 site has been developed with the growth period for your plants in mind. The 4 site bubbler is perfect for enabling growers to bring on four plants under one lamp before transporting to their very own Bloomroom Bubbler. The system has an integrated Air Line access bridge on the planter lid and nutrient access cap to check PH and E.C readings through the cycle. The access cap is also used for solution top ups.  Like with all Bloomroom Bubblers the 4 site also comes with a drainage tap for tank changes and adjusting your tanks E.C strength and PH readings. The system comes flat packed and is quick and easy to install in any garden area.

1 x Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler 100L - 45 x 45 x 45cm

1 x Hailea ACO7002 Air pump - Quieter than the average

4 x net pots 

1 x 4 Planter Lid

1 x Drainage Tap

2 x Airline tube and Golf ball Air stones

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