Bloomroom Flexi (Bubbler dwc Kit) 100L

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Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler DWC System - 100 Litre

The Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler is a DWC system (Deep Water Culture) that has been specifically designed to combat the shortfall of other similar systems.

Unlike most DWC systems, the Flexi Bubbler has a much larger tank volume, 100 litres, and enables growes to grow bigger plants in a single system without the need for topping up every day.

Larger reservoirs also lessen the risk of root issues. such as Pythium. The greater volume won't heat up as quickly as smaller 20 or 30 litre systems.

With perfect dimensions of 45cm x 45cm x 45cm giving growers an active solution volume of 100L deep water culture!

The Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler is completely unique, as it comes flat packed and easy to install in the smallest of areas.

Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler Contents:

1 x Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler 100L - 45 x 45 x 45cm

1 x Hailea ACO7002 Air pump - Quieter than the average

1 x Plant Basket

1 x Planter Lid

1 x Drainage Tap

1 x Neoprene access point

2 x Airline tube and Golf ball Air stones

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