CO2 Fusion - Foliar Spray

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Introducing CO2 Fusion - Foliar Spray: The Secret to Thriving Plants

Unlock the full potential of your garden with CO2 Fusion - Foliar Spray, the UK's go-to solution for boosting plant growth and vitality. Specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of British gardens, CO2 Fusion is the key to nurturing your plants to their fullest potential.

Plants rely on CO² to drive photosynthesis, and it is often assumed that they get all their carbon from the air. However, that's not true as at least 10% of carbon comes from the soil, in the form of 'dissolved inorganic carbon' (DIC). Hydroponic crops, which are grown without soil, are deficient in this valuable resource. By using CO² Fusion, you can directly spray DIC to the foliage and boost the potential of your crop. As a result, plants sprayed with CO² Fusion don't need to rely solely on passive diffusion of CO² from the air for carbon assimilation.

Key Benefits:

  • Gets directly to the site of action, without relying on passive CO2 diffusion
  • Contains potent plant extracts such as saccharides, carbohydrates, and amino acids
  • Can be used on cuttings to speed up the rooting process significantly
  • Best used during the early vegetative stage of the plant's life cycle
  • Enhances plant growth and development by providing essential nutrients and CO2 directly to the plant

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