House & Garden Top Shooter

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This powerful flowering stimulator is a liquid version of the ever popular Shooting Powder. It gives exceptional results and is extremely popular worldwide. Top Shooter forces plants into a new flower stage after the first stage has finished, significantly increasing yield size. A new layer is created on top of the existing fruit, increasing yields by up to 20% without loss of taste or aroma! Can be used in Hydro, Coco and Soil. Directions Dilution rate of Top Shooter is 1-2ml per litre. We recommend reducing the strength of your base nutrients when using Top Shooter or Shooting Powder. Use Top Shooter at the end of the flowering period, for the final three weeks of flowering. Start with 1ml per litre three weeks before harvest. Then increase to 2ml per litre two weeks before harvest (if the plant is healthy and has responded well!) Finish with 2ml per litre in the last week before harvest. 

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