Dio-Tech 830w Primary LED 2.9 Micromoles

Sale price£899.95


(830w Without Infill Bars - 930w With Infill Bars)

Our lighting solutions have been designed by growers, for growers. The result of years of dedicated research and development to optimise plant growth performance.

The Dio-Tech is powerful enough to not only replace but entirely outperform your existing HID lighting, with light recipes tailored to give your garden the ultimate spectrum at every stage in the plant’s growth cycle.

have come together with one of the leading commercial manufacturers of LED lighting to produce a first-to-market, all-in-one adjustable spectrum LED.

The Dio-tech 830W LED combines top end Osram Chips with an in-built LCD control panel making using any ControLED lighting solution both efficient and ergonomic.

Controls up to 49 Satellite fixtures

Using the supplied data cables, you can connect upto 49 Satellite Units to your Primary Unit to allow you to control all of your lights from the controller built into the Primary Unit.

No timer, contactor or relay needed

The controller built into the Primary Unit handles all timing and switching for your grow room - simply plug each LED unit into a power source and the built-in controller will do the rest. No more messy cables or noisy contactor boards!

Choose from 4 pre-set light spectrums.

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