Dutch Pro Leaf Green

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Leaf Green is a foliar spray that gives plants a healthy and vital appearance. It is recommended for plants that have difficulties during their initial development to use this foliar spray. Leaf Green contains several essential micronutrients that help plants during times of nutrient deficiency. It also stimulates the production of green pigment in the leaves. Leaf Green can be applied directly to the plants. The plants will entirely absorb our high-quality components.

NPK: 0.1 – 0.1 – 0.1

What Leaf Green does:
• Treats and Prevents leaf deficiencies in young plants
• Stimulates more chlorophyll production in the leaves for greener foliage

Main Ingredients:
• Kelp Extract
• Several vital micronutrients

Leaf Green is made with food-grade raw materials and is free of heavy metals. It passed all legislation and is safe to use.

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