Essentials Plus PK 13/14

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Discover the power of Essentials PLUS PK 13/14, a highly concentrated PK additive meticulously crafted to optimise plant performance during the critical week of peak flowering. This dynamic formula is enriched with elevated levels of phosphorus and potassium, precisely balanced and in a form tailored for seamless assimilation by plants.

General Information

Designed to be compatible with all growing systems and media, PK 13/14 provides an unparalleled boost, empowering your plants to produce flowers and fruits of exceptional size and quality. Elevate your flowering phase with the extraordinary support of Essentials PLUS PK 13/14.


  • Enhances yield and overall quality of fruits and flowers.
  • Provides essential elements for peak flower formation.
  • Can be used with any grow media or system.

How to Use

For best results, use in accordance to the manufacturers instructions provided. 

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