F1 Fuel 1L

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Encourage Vigorous Growth in Early Vegetative Phase.

Our Signature Fulvic Acid solution enriched with Nitrogen and Sulfur to optimize nutritional uptake of the plant and stimulate vigorous growth to increase the quality and quantity of your yield.

 is a powerful tool in the cultivator's toolkit used to boost growth in the vegetative phase, by contributing to the formation of plant proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and chlorophyll, resulting in vigerous plant growth.

  • Supplies 8% Nitrogen and 11.5% Sulfur dissolved in a Fulvic Acid Solution
  • Assists in the formation of plant proteins, important enzymes to stimulate vigorous growth
  • Aids in correcting Sulfur deficiencies
  • Increases Brix levels to improve plants resistance to disease (especially powdery mildews & black spot)
  • Extends time-release of nutrients in field applications allowing for a larger application window
  • Helps preserve nitrogen in the growth medium preventing gas-off & leaching (retain up to 50% nitrogen with 28% UAN application)
  • Works with all nutrients, in all grow mediums
  • Completely effective at all nutrient pH ranges (5.4 - 6.5)

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