FishPlant Family Unit

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The FishPlant Family Unit is the smallest system in the range. It is ideal as a nursery system or a module in a larger set up. The low height of the system makes it very accessible and easy-to-use. This system is the ideal size to provide a couple or a small family with plenty of fresh salad or herbs. It stocks up to 3.5kg of fish and it is small enough to fit into a small garden or greenhouse or even indoors! This FishPlant system includes a 300 litre fish tank and a plant bed as well as a Pump and Pipe Kit and Auto Siphon.

The kit also includes a Grow Bed Stand and Starter Kit along with Clay Pebbles and the FishPlant_User_Guide_NoMarks.pdf
Dimensions: L: 130cm x W: 110cm x H: 80cm

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