FlexiTank Pro

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The FlexiTank Pro comes with all the benefits of a regular FlexiTank, but features a stronger framework that makes it feel more like a solid tank once assembled. Not only that, this model is made with white, reflective material that helps to keep your nutrients within the right temperature ranges. It also features 3 x inlet / outlet grommets for your pipework, so it can be used with pretty much any grow system (including Autopots and IWS Systems).

General Information

  • Autopot FlexiTank is a revolutionary water storage solution;
  • The unit is made of light tight fabric;
  • It's available in 3 sizes including 100L, 225L, and 400L;
  • The tank comes with six poles, 3 pole connectors, one outlet tap, two washers, one locking nut, and 3 pole locking nuts;
  • The flexible water tank comprises internal water level markings.


  • It's a high-performance water storage solution;
  • It's user-friendly;
  • It's easy to assemble;
  • It's made at the highest standards of quality and performance.

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