Future Harvest Calnesium

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Your Ultimate CalMag Booster

Introducing Calnesium, a powerful CalMag booster designed to enhance both Calcium and Magnesium availability to your plants. Formulated with a robust blend of Nitrogen, Calcium, and Magnesium, Calnesium is specifically crafted to provide an additional nutrient boost to our Future Harvest Holland Secret 3 Part fertilizer. As an essential mineral supplement, Calnesium is a must-have for any grower.

Prevent End Rot and Boost Your Plants
Calnesium is an excellent additive for preventing end rot on tomatoes and peppers. Its CalMag formula is 100% compatible with all high-quality nutrients, mixing quickly and easily. Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron are crucial to photosynthesis and maintaining the structure of the plant. Calnesium works as part of your feed program and as a foliar spray.
Key Features

  • Designed for Holland Secret: Calnesium's CalMag formula is crafted to be used with Holland Secret Grow and Micro
  • Prevents Blossom End Rot: Provides additional Calcium and increases nutrient uptake, inhibiting blossom end rot
  • Strengthens Plant Cells: Enhances plant cell and tissue strength for increased resistance to stress
  • Promotes Growth: Increases cell division and plant tissue development
  • Enhances Flower and Fruit Sets: Boosts flower and fruit development
  • Improves Uptake: Increases water, nutrient, and carbon dioxide uptake

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