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Complete flood & Drain system, with F&D Pots, Green Man Brain Controller, Iceline Pipe and a flexitank.. 

The Green Man Flood and Drain system is the fastest and best selling system from Green Air Products U.K. This is because it makes growing so easy without any compromise on crop yield or quality, guaranteed. The Flood and Drain System is fully optimised to make the life-cycle of specimen plants easy to manage, providing your crops with fully automated and highly oxygenated nutrients whist creating a perfect rooting environment for any plant to thrive.

Using the substrate tray in the bottom of the pot, you can fill up the pot with soil, coco or a mix of substrate to your choosing. This way you can benefit from the incredible precision the Green Man System offers with all the stability of growing in organic inert media. Growing this way tends to be more forgiving by keeping the roots insulated and feeding at regular intervals to ensure your plants are well nourished. It works by flooding all the pots connected to your reservoir for capillary action to take place, where the nutrient solution is held in the media ready for your plants’ roots to take up. The nutrients are then drained back, mixed then sent back out to the pots for the process to be repeated.

The Green Man System does all of this for you, fully automated and programmable; it’s never been easier to grow massive crops with full and fruitful yields.

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