H&G Drip Clean 1L

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Drip Clean is essential for those of you using drip irrigation systems like the Autopot or IWS Dripper. Working like a magnet, Drip Clean effectively removes dirt particles from your pipes and irrigation fittings every time your plants are fed. This premium additive will not affect the beneficial microbes in your solution.

General Information

Many growers find that the downside to using irrigation or drip systems is that the pipes often become clogged by salt build ups. Using Drip Clean is a sure-fire way of never running into this issue again! Avoiding build ups will also improve the rate of nutrient uptake across your crop.


  • Prevents salt build ups and clogging
  • Preserved any beneficial microbes present
  • Reduces flush time to around 3-4 days
  • Suitable for use on all grow medium

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