Budget Air Infusion Pumps

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How the Hailea ACO Budget Air Pump works:
The Hailea ACO range provides growers on a budget a single or multi outlet air pump, for pumping air through an airline and into a submerged airstone or for driving an Aquafarm or Waterfarm. Air is taken in on the underside of the unit and an oscillating diaphragm pushes the air through the single output nozzle on the front of the unit. The air-pressure produced is good for the small size of the units and is very steady. Decent construction and special rubber feet on the units reduce noise to a low level (only <40dB) and power consumption is also very low at between 1.8 watts to 8 watts.

How to use the Hailea ACO Budget Air Pump:
Place your air pump close to your reservoir on a flat, firm surface which is above the water level of the reservoir that you wish to aerate. Connect your air line onto the output nozzle, sliding it over the ridges until it is held on firmly. If it is difficult to push the air line on, softening the end of the air-line in warm water may make the job a lot easier. Fit your chosen airstone onto the other end of the air line and place it into the reservoir. It is best to try to keep the air line as short as possible because the air pressure will be reduced the longer it is. Plug the air pump into a mains outlet socket and switch it on. The air pump will now pull air in from the underside of the unit and push it out through the nozzle, down the air line and out through the airstone.
Always place your air pump at a height above the level of the water-line in the reservoir. If your air pump is at a height lower than the water-line and there is an unexpected power-cut or trip-out, water can siphon back from the reservoir into the air pump which will almost certainly cause it damage. We recommend the use of a check-valve (one-way or non-return valve) in the air-line as well to make doubly sure that back-siphoning cannot occur.

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