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Hygrozyme's Concentrated enzyme formula is an essential addition to any grow system.
It provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter. This unlocks additional nutrients and helps your plant thrive by stimulating new root growth.

Available sizes: 500ml, 1L and 4L

How Hygrozyme Works

Hygrozyme enzyme products are unlike any other. This unique fermentation process creates a product that is bacteria-free and contains enzymes as well as amino-acid chain. Hygrozyme is a plant food made from enzymes that break down roots. This creates space for new roots and creates a healthier root zone. Hygrozyme is not organically certified, but it contains only natural ingredients. It can be used in conjunction with a natural feeding program. Hygrozyme is free from bacteria and has a nearly unlimited shelf life. It can also be used in conjunction with peroxide products. Highly recommended.


How to Use Hygrozyme

Hygrozyme can also be used throughout the growing process. It can also be used to clean out old roots and prepare for your next growth. Before using, shake the bottle thoroughly. Add Hygrozyme to the nutrient solution at 2ml/litre. Adjust pH as needed.

You can use the same amount to treat cuttings, seedlings, and pre-treating rockwool cubes.

Never mix nutrients, boosters, and additives together in their concentrated form. Straight from the bottle Each nutrient, booster, or additive should be added to the reservoir or feed water in turn. Give the solution a stir to combine them before adding the next.

Hygrozyme Recommended Dosage: 2ml/litre

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