Indica Nutrients Kashmir Roots

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Kashmir Roots
Good Bacteria to Feed and Protect Your Crop

Plants are known to form strong symbiotic relationships with the microbial life around their roots and on their leaves. The plant growth promoting bacteria in Kashmir Roots deliver beneficial functions which improve both yield and quality, including;

Solubilizing nutrients. The bacteria in Kashmir Roots release organic acids and chelating agents to liberate nutrients that would otherwise be inaccessible to the plant. This is especially true of phosphorus, but is also important for potassium, sulphur, and iron.

Stress protection; The bacteria in Kashmir Roots make plants more resilient when exposed to environmental stress (heat, cold, drought, over-watering etc). They can also help the plant resist attack by pathogens and pests.

Modulating hormone levels; The bacteria in Kashmir Roots produce natural auxins that induce greater rooting in the host plant. Other microbes can also metabolise ACC, which is the precursor to ethylene that causes a range of negative growth effects in your plants.

The consortia of bacteria present in Kashmir Roots are known to possess all three of these modes of action. The specific strains have been thoroughly studied and are only found in Kashmir Roots.

Kashmir Roots contain a range of species and strains of beneficial microbes to ensure that there is a strain suitable for your specific growing conditions and plant variety.

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