Krystal MDF Acoustic Box Box Fans

Sale price£249.00


Krystal Box Box Fans

Made from high quality components, the Krystal Box Box Fan offers users the same benefits as competitors but at a better price, sure to become one of the most popular box fans on the market.

Box Fans move a lot of air without a lot of noise. Used to expel stale air and prevent problems with moisture, humidity and mould. They are made to last, with high quality motor and moisture resistant MDF.

  • Remarkably quiet, reliable and quick at moving huge volumes of air.
  • Comes with different inlet sizes and air flow power options.
  • Ensures a grow room full of fresh air.
  • Made from high quality materials.
  • Plugs in via a standard UK plug.
  • Warning: Keep fingers away from the spinning blades in the fan.

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