Maxibright Daylight LED 300W Pro 2.5umol/J LED Grow Light

Sale price£330.00


More flower, less power LED lighting technology has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few decades. As the technology has progressed, so have grower’s expectations on performance. With a full-bodied PAR spectrum output and a high total output, the DAYLIGHT 300W LED PRO Grow Light ensures growing with LEDs will impress even the most staunch HPS supporter.

• Full spectrum light output
• LUMLED LED chips
• Ideal for up to a 1m x 1m area
• No LED covers: Clear glue diode protection for maximum output and efficiency
• IP65 ingress protection: Water resistant
• Remote dimmer included: 25%-50%-75%-100% power
• Controllable: via iLink cables and DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller
• Enhanced flowering with added red light, including Far-Red components
• Cool running
• Energy efficient, low heat output
• No fans or moving parts, silent running
• Outstanding uniformed light coverage
• Enhanced light penetration
• One person assembly
• 50’000 hour lifespan
• Plug and play
• Dimensions: 564.8mm x 564.8mm x 68.4mm
• Easy to use heavy duty hanging brackets
• Lightweight slimline design
• Easy clip on bars

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