Maxibright Daylight LED Far Red 60W Grow Strip Light

Sale price£155.00


More flower, less power. Fine tune your light spectrum with the DAYLIGHT 60W Far-Red supple mental bar. Easily attach to existing DAYLIGHT 480W& 660W LED fixtures using the included brackets or hang independently for truly customisable lighting options. With a2.3μmol/J efficiency and 60W of output power, the DAYLIGHT60W Far-Red LED is a no brainer for any discerning grower.

• 60W Far Red LED
• Osram LED red chips
• Attach to DAYLIGHT LED lighting fixtures (480W/660W) or use independently
• Plug and play: Internal LED Driver
• Cool running
• Energy efficient, low heat output
• No fans or moving parts, silent running
• 30’000hourlifespan
• Easy to use hanging brackets
• Lightweight slimline design
• IP65 ingress protection
• Dimensions:1131.5x46.2x40.3mm

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