Parlux Master Controller (for Linx Ballasts)

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It dims & boosts Parlux Linx Lights in precise 2W increments (like in greenhouses!).

You can set lights to dim if your grow room gets too hot, then boost again when you’re in a safe range.

You can split lights into 2  groups! Each zone can have its own set of rules.

A lot of growers put:

  • Group A: HPS lights, set to dim first when climate climbs too high
  • Group B: CDM lights, set to dim at such a high temperature they never dim (for optimum light spectrum) 

All lights in a group must be the same fixture (e.g. all 315W Linx CDMs or all 600W Linx).

There’s lots to love about this controller:

  • Sunrise & sunset mode: no harsh temp or lighting shifts, like in nature
  • Connect 160 ballasts: up to 80 per zone
  • Temperature sensors inc: you get a temperature sensor for each zone
  • Plug & Play:  portable & easy to set up
  • LCD touch screen: easy to program
  • Overheating protection: auto dim & shutdown function


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