RAW Phosphorus

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Give plants the Phosphorus they need - grab RAW Phosphorus. 

It contains 61% Phosphate (P) & 9% Ammonium Nitrogen (N) in a water-soluble form. 

Use it to treat Phosphorus deficiencies, or customise your feed.

Phosphorus is used mostly during early rooting, but also provides energy for fruit and flower production. 

  • 61% Phosphate (P), 9% Ammonium Nitrogen (N)
  • Maximum control, custom feeds
  • Safe to use throughout grow, even as foliar feed
  • Safe to use alongside other nutrients
  • NPK: 9-61-0


How To Use

  • Dilution rate: 0.7g (Grow) 0.7g - 2.8g (Bloom) per 4 Litres

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