Rhino Ultra Smart EC Fan Controller

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If you're utilising Rhino EC Ultra Silent or Rhino EC Ultra fans, the Rhino EC Smart Fan Controller is your essential tool for achieving the perfect climate in your grow room. Offering the capability to finely adjust fan speeds anywhere from a mere 1% to a full-throttle 100%, in precise 1% increments, this controller empowers you to effortlessly fine-tune your growing environment. Designed with user-friendliness and straightforward installation in mind, it even comes complete with a temperature probe for automatic temperature regulation, guaranteeing ideal conditions for your plants.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Rhino EC fans, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Equipped with an intuitive digital touch screen display.
  • Includes a temperature probe for accurate temperature control.
  • User-friendly design simplifies setup and operation.
  • Delivers precise and reliable environmental control.
  • Energy-efficient, assisting you in conserving electricity.
  • Directly connects to Rhino EC fans, eliminating the need for additional connections.
  • Provides 100 levels for smooth and linear fan speed adjustments.

How to use:

The Rhino EC Smart Fan Controller streamlines climate management in your grow room. Follow these steps to optimize your setup:

  1. Connect the controller to a Rhino EC fan using the provided cable. Ensure that your intake fan has a smaller capacity than the extractor fan to maintain negative pressure in your grow room.

  2. Utilize the intuitive touch screen display to fine-tune fan speeds as necessary, ranging from a gentle 1% to a robust 100% in precise 1% increments.

  3. Keep an eye on the temperature probe's readings displayed on the controller. The controller will automatically adapt fan speeds to uphold your desired temperature within the grow room.

Achieve precise climate control with utmost ease, courtesy of the Rhino EC Smart Fan Controller. Elevate your grow room's performance and create the perfect environment for your plants with this efficient and user-friendly controller.

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