SHOGUN Samurai Coco Multipack

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Discover the Shogun Samurai Coco Collection in this convenient Multi Pack, which is suitable for both novice and experienced farmers!

The Shogun Samurai Coco Multi Pack includes everything you'll need to get started cultivating in coco medium. Shogun has assembled this multi pack to get your grow off to a great start, embracing every range for excellent plant development. Shogun's Katana Roots for accelerated root growth, Shogun Sumo Active Boost, a heavyweight booster that enhances quality, scent, and flavor, and the perfectly designed Shogun Dragon Force to provide extra weight to your flowers are all included. You can be certain to cover all bases in both vegetation and flower with the Shogun A and B nutrients.

Shogun has done it again with the Shogun Samurai Coco Multi Pack, building on the success of their great variety of additives and boosters. It comes with most of what you'll need to start your coco journey, or if you're a coco pro, this multi pack will serve you well too. This multipack is designed for coco growth and should span a whole grow from beginning to end, based upon the number of plants and the size of your growing environment, which is normally a 1.2 meter square tent with 3-4 plants. SmartZen and AquaZen are two proprietary additions in the Shogun Samurai 1 Litre A and B that set it distinct from the rest of the coco base nutrition on the market.

SmartZen is made up of a combination of sterols, lignans, tannin, lipids, and hydrocarbons. They improve photosynthesis dramatically and reduce heat stress when used together. These components aren't available in any other base nutrient, but they've been demonstrated to boost yields by 6 to 8%. SmartZen also aids plants in coping with very high temperatures. As if that weren't enough, Shogun Samurai coco fertilizer also includes AquaZen, a unique substance that assures that the coco fiber in your pots is evenly and thoroughly wetted to the optimal level for optimal root development.

1x Samurai Coco 1 Litre A and B
1x 250ml Katana Roots
1x 250ml Silicon
1x 250ml CalMag
1x 250ml PK Warrior 9/18
1x 250ml Sumo Active Boost
1x 250ml Dragon Force

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