Whispair Silenced EC & Can Filter Ventilation Kit

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What's Included?

  • Chosen Size Silenced EC Fan
  • Chosen Size Can Lite Filter
  • Chosen Size/Type Ducting
  • Duct Clip & Securo Lock Padded Clamp

Whispair Silenced EC WhispAir are excited to welcome our new Silenced EC grow room fans into the family. These fans make less noise, use less power, and emit less heat than AC fans meaning they pay for themselves in a matter of months. The WhispAir Silenced EC fan creates huge amounts of static pressure meaning increased airflow and a high degree of control using the controller included. Built around a solid and high-quality steel casing, the WhispAir Silent EC fans include noise dampening foam, meaning noise levels are kept to a whisper, or WhispAir.

Can Lite Filter The “lightweight” filter from Can-Filters. Literally speaking that is performance wise an absolute heavyweight. Thanks to its lightweight carbon, the Lite-filters are more practical and easy to use and they have a minimum lifespan of 18 months.

There are 14 version ranging from 150 m³/h up to 4500 m³/h

  • Lite carbon CKG 48
  • Lightweight filters with a minimum of 18 months lifespan
  • Easy to handle and to mount
  • Maximum capacity Can-Lite 4500 m3/h
  • Original mesh pattern for efficient airflow
  • Multi-layer pre-filter for better protection of the carbon
  • Most activated carbon per cm2 for better adsorption

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