4mm Air Line 200m Roll (Black)



Introducing the Black 4mm Air Line: Your Oxygen Delivery Solution

4mm Black Air Line, a premium-grade silicone airline engineered to power your Air stones and air systems with utmost efficiency. Designed with a 4mm internal diameter and a 6mm external diameter, this silicone tubing combines exceptional durability and flexibility, ensuring seamless operation for your hydroponic setup.

Key Features:

  • Superior Tensile Strength: Engineered for reliability, this air line boasts exceptional tensile strength, ensuring prolonged performance in diverse conditions.
  • Kink-Resistant: Bid farewell to frustrating kinks! Constructed from silicone, this air line remains resistant to kinking, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted airflow to your hydroponic components.
  • Robust Build: Built to endure the demanding conditions of hydroponic environments, this air line demonstrates remarkable durability, resisting wear and tear for long-lasting and dependable performance.
  • Vital for Air stones and Air-Powered Systems: The black 4mm Air Line serves as a crucial link for connecting Air stones and air-powered systems, facilitating seamless integration between your air pump or manifold and your Air stones or other air-driven equipment.
  • Convenient 200m Roll: Available in a practical 200-meter roll, this air line ensures an abundant supply to fulfil your hydroponic requirements. Moreover, it can be effortlessly cut into various lengths to accommodate your specific needs.

Elevate your hydroponic system with the black 4mm Air Line – your trusted ally in delivering oxygen to your plants and nurturing their optimal growth.