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Advanced Nutrients Bloom is a strong fertilizer and part of a 3-part nutrient package. The fertilizer is designed for use throughout the vegetative and blooming phases. Bloom comprises the pH Perfect technology, which automatically regulates the level of the pH to optimum rates. Your plants will grow denser flower sites and heavier fruits. Bloom helps your plants absorb more nutrients in a shorter period and accelerates their development. The product comprises essential micro- and macronutrients to ensure healthy growth and increased resistance. With Bloom, you'll achieve larger flowers and heavier fruits.

General Information
• Advanced Nutrients Bloom is part of a 3-part nutrient formulation;
• The product is designed for the vegetative and flowering phases;
• The product comprises natural micro and macronutrients, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Calcium, Potassium, humates, fulvates, amino acids, and a wetting agent;
• The pH Perfect Bloom fertilizer is made specifically for hydroponic growing mediums and systems.

• Plants can rapidly absorb the nutrient;
• The fertilizer doesn't leave any residues and won't clog your system;
• Advanced Nutrients' experts made the fertilizer at the highest quality standards;
• The product improves your plants' resistance to pathogens and diseases;
• The fertilizer includes the pH Perfect technology, which adjusts the level of the pH at the perfect rates.

The Science
The Grow Micro Bloom combo is a 3-part nutrient, designed for use throughout the vegetative and flowering stages. The package promotes healthy and strong plant development and accelerates growth. With value-added natural elements, your crops will achieve maximum growth potential. The formula is easy to use and offers superior nourishment to your plants. Optimal pH rates and superior chelates ensure that you achieve top-quality harvests.

How to Use
Growers use pH Perfect Bloom throughout the growing and flowering stages. During the 1st week of the vegetative stage, use 1 ml/L. Increase the rate to 2 ml/L during week 2 and to 4 ml/L during weeks 3 and 4. Throughout the blooming phase, use 4 ml/L.

Best Practices
Advanced Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom is a 3-part nutrient, made for use during the growing and flowering phases. Add the nutrients to your water reservoir separately and in equal amounts. Avoid adding the formulas in concentrated form. First, add Grow and mix. Follow with Micro and stir well. Add Bloom and mix thoroughly. Because the nutrient contains the pH Perfect technology, the pH level will regulate automatically. Store the formulas in a dark and cool place, away from children's reach. Keep the products away from very high and very low temperatures.

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