Alien EasyFeed System (without water tank)

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The patent approved EasyFeed® system suits the needs of any grower, whether you require a four-pot system, 100 pots or more. The EasyFeed® gravity-fed system is designed to grow with you, and you can add extra pots to scale up your system efficiently and with ease. The EasyFeed® system gives you the versatility of choosing the layout of your system. EasyFeed® benefits from a 16mm feed pipe instead of the conventional 4mm tubing, so clogging is a thing of the past, and we have left the pipe uncut to allow you any configuration you require.

EasyFeed® was specially designed with the needs of the soil/coco grower in mind. Because the EasyFeed® watering system is gravity-fed, there is no requirement for electricity, air pumps or water pumps. The EasyFeed® automatic watering system can therefore be installed outdoors to water your garden vegetables, as well as your indoor plants.

The EasyFeed® battery operated water timer allows you to control the watering frequency. Choose from hourly, daily, every two or three days or even once a week watering options. Your even, consistent feeding schedule allows the substrate to partially dry between watering cycles and, used in conjunction with our breathable fabric pots, drastically increases oxygen to the root zone.

Fabric Pots
The EasyFeed® fabric pots are manufactured using a high-quality breathable fabric that allows air pruning of the roots. When a root is "air pruned", it stimulates secondary roots to branch out, increasing the root mass of your plants.

Bottom Feeding
This feeding method will give you a good indication of how much water your plants need, eliminating the need for hand watering. Water is drawn directly from the water tank, and once the plants' roots have achieved their optimal balance, absorption will slow down, reducing the need for constant monitoring. All you need to check is the level of water in your tank.

Feeding your plants their nutrient solution from the bottom encourages your roots to search for more water, grow downwards, and promote healthy root development and improved plant health.

Tanks sold separately.

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