ATAMI Rootbastic

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Atami Rootbastic is a top-quality additive, which increases your plants' root branching and ensures the development of a rich root network. The additive sustains and promotes the growth of large roots, increasing nutrient uptake. The formula is suitable for all substrates and growth systems. For optimum results, growers use the additive in combination with Bloombastic. The product is the ultimate solution for strong and healthy plants, which deliver high harvest yields. Use Rootbastic to improve your plants' immune systems and ensure a top-quality crop.


General Information

  • Atami Rootbastic is suitable for all growth systems and mediums including soil and hydroponics;
  • Use the formula throughout the vegetative and blooming phases;
  • Rootbastic comprises natural and organic elements, bio stimulants and bio minerals. The NPK value stands at 5-14-4;
  • Rootbastic is a high-performance additive.



  • Increased concentration of natural ingredients;
  • The additive is easy to apply and doesn't clog the system;
  • Doesn't leave any residues;
  • Ensures rich root branching and development;
  • Increases your plants' resistance to diseases and prevents stress from unfavourable environmental conditions;
  • Suitable for use with Atami Bloombastic for explosive blooming;
  • Strengthens your plants during growth.


The Science

Rootbastic is a top-quality additive, which comprises a high concentration of bio minerals and bio stimulants, which promote extensive root development. The supplement increases the EC level of the nutrient formula and sustains strong root growth. The formula is suitable for use in all irrigation systems and substrates. It improves your plants' immune systems and helps them fight against any pathogens.


How to Use

Use Rootbastic from the beginning of the vegetative phase and during the blooming stage. Growers use the additive at a dosage of between 0.3 and 1 ml/L.

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