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BioBizz offers growers fully organic nutrients and supplements certified by OMRI and Skal. The nutrients comprise naturally derived raw materials from sustainable sources. The organic plant nutrients are high-performance and made to ensure ultra-sweet, flavoured, and aromatic crops. The TryPack Stimulant Pack is part of the organic plant nutrients line developed by BioBizz. The packs helps growers gain experience using a range of 100% organic base nutrients. You'll enjoy great value, exceptional quality, and the best results. The TryPack Stimulant combo incudes Alg-A-Mic, Top-Max, and Root Juice. It's made for use with any Try-Pack products or BioBizz base nutrients. The combo is suitable to feed between 1 and 4 plants.

General Information
• The BioBizz TryPack Stimulant combo includes Alg-A-Mic, Top-Max, and Root Juice;
• The bottles have capacities of 250ml;
• The formulas are made to feed between 1 and 4 plants;
• Alg-A-Mic and Top-Max are made for the blooming stage. Root Juice is made for the first week of the vegetative phase.

• The formulas are made of top-quality ingredients;
• The products ensure ultra-sweet and aromatic crops;
• They're easy to use and to handle;
• The products are eco-friendly;
• The formulas are made at BioBizz's highest standards of performance and quality.

The Science
Alg-A-Mic reduces the levels of stress in your plants to help them produce healthier and larger fruits. Use the supplement in case of overfeeding, base nutrients deficiencies, temperature fluctuations, or diseases. The formula also stimulates chlorophyl production. Top-Max is an organic bloom stimulator, which increases the weight and size of the flowers. It also improves nutrient uptake and delivers sweeter fruits. Root-Juice blends seaweed and humic acid to support exceptional root development and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the root area. Your plants will be prepared for accelerated nutrient uptake to deliver stronger and more resilient crops.

How to Use
Use Alg-A-Mic throughout the blooming phase at a dosage ranging between 1ml of formula/1L of water. Top-Max is suitable for the flowering stage at a dose of 1ml – 4ml of formula per 1L of water. Use Root Juice during the first week of the vegetative phase at a dosage of 4ml of formula per 1ml of water. Store the products in a protected space, away from extreme temperatures and out of the reach of children.

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