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BioBizz Top-Max is a high-performance plant booster, which helps your plants deliver large, dense, and aromatic flowers. The additive encourages and promotes the colonization of the root-zone with beneficial bacteria, which increases your plants' nutrient uptake. The stimulant also improves the transportation of nutrients within the plants' tissues, increasing crops' quality and yields. The product contains organic and natural ingredients including micronutrients, humic and fulvic acids. Professional growers use Top-Max to maximize their plants' flowering and fruiting capabilities and to achieve top-quality harvests.

General Information
Top-Max is a powerful additive, made at the highest quality standards;
The additive contains natural and organic ingredients including micronutrients, fulvic and humic acids. The NPK ratio is 0.1-0.001-0.1;
Top-Max is suitable to use with plants growing in the soil;
The formula is made for use during the flowering stage.

• The product is easy to use;
• It's a certified organic product;
• Delivers large and dense flowers;
• Increases Brix levels;
• Enhances the natural flavours and aromas of your plants and promotes the production of essential oils;
• Delivers tastier and heavier fruits;
• Made at the highest BioBizz quality standards;
• Stimulates the colonization of the root-zone with beneficial microbes.

The Science
BioBizz Top-Max is a 100% organic additive, which is suitable for use during the blooming stage. The product contains humic and fulvic acids, derived from Leonardite. The product promotes cell-division and helps with the transportation of nutrients within the plant's inner tissues. The additive accelerates plants' development and improves their immune systems. Top-Max encourages the production of natural sugars and increases the Brix levels. The product also strengthens plants' natural aromas and flavours.

How to Use
The product is made for use during the blooming phase and delivers larger and denser flowers. Use the additive at a recommended dosage of between 2 and 5 ml/L.

Best Practices
BioBizz Top-Max is a user-friendly additive, which you can use throughout the flowering and fruiting phases. Add the supplement to your water container and mix it well. First, you must mix in the nutrients and follow with Top-Max and any other supplements and boosters. Adjust the level of the pH as necessary. Store the additive in a cool and dark place and keep it away from very low and very high temperatures. Make sure the additive is out of children's reach. Whenever you use Top-Max, wear protective gloves. Avoid contact with your eyes and your skin. In case of contact with your eyes or your skin, rinse instantly.

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