Biogreen Garlic

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Keep the pests away: 100% organic insect and fungi repellent. Can be used at all plant stages, works as prevention and treatment.


The main bioactive component extracted from the garlic is Allicin, a compound of organic sulphur (thiosulfonate) with a strong antioxidant effect and other good properties for plants.


Allicin works as the first mechanism of defence against insects and fungi. It works preventively against various pathogenic fungi such as mould, mildew, nematodes, snails, beetles and insects such as spider mites, thrips, aphids, fungus gnats, whitefly and more.

  • Will NOT affect the taste or smell of plants
  • ​Can be used throughout the whole flower phase
  • ​Repels various insects, prevents various pathogenic fungi
  • ​Can be used in combination with other pesticides
  • ​100% organic (no harmful or chemical residue)

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