Bluelab pH Controller Connect

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The Bluelab pH Controller automatically tracks and adjusts the pH levels in your reservoir, thus ensuring ideal conditions for nutrient uptake. With no need for spot checks and manual adjustments you can save time without compromising on plant health. When used along with a Bluelab Connect Stick 2 (purchased separately) the user can log data from the Controller to a local PC and adjust the Controller settings from the PC. Bluelab Connect software (downloadable F.O.C.) allows multiple users to view data and status from a remote device (PC or smartphone) and receive real-time notifications of any alarms set up on the Controller.

The Controller can adjust the pH up (more alkaline) or down (more acidic) dependent upon the requirement of your growing setup. Probes constantly monitor nutrient solution pH level and temperature. The Controller doses the reservoir with pH Up or Down stock solution, by means of a peristaltic pump, on your chosen schedule, ensuring that the dose is fully mixed and readings stable before dosing again Doses are automatically compensated for temperature. Discreet visual alarms on the display will indicate if the pH level is beyond the desired range as set by the user, and dosing will not occur whenever the Controller is in alarm mode. Probes and peristaltic pump are replaceable when necessary. Powered from mains electricity via universal adaptor plug.

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