British Organic Bio - PH Down

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About the Product

The control of pH in organic feeds can be a tricky business. Some organic fertilizers can be outside of the sweet spot for plant growth (pH 5.5-6.5). Plus the vast majority of pH control products on the market are not compatible with organic cultivation. Most pH Down products are based on phosphoric acid, and pH Up products on potassium hydroxide. B.O.B pH Down is different, it is based on organic acids, which are allowed under organic certification schemes.
So use Organic pH Down to lower your pH and, if you need to raise the pH of your feed solution use Sea-Silica, which will also add the silicon nutrition to your feed.
The organic acids in Organic pH Down have additional functions other than just reducing the feed pH. Once in the soil / growing media the organic acids will help solubilize calcium, phosphorus and iron; all key nutrients that can get ‘locked up’ in the growing media over a matter of weeks. The organic acids will also feed beneficial microbes by driving the Krebs metabolic cycle.

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