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About the Product

Organic growers can finally utilize the powers of silicon in their grow thanks to B.O.B. unique breakthrough in organic nutrient technology. Sea-Silica is produced via a unique process that allows for seaweed bioactives to be co-extracted with silica content.
Until now organically grown crops have not been able to access silicon supplements. This was a major problem because silicon is needed for plant defence; silicon produces strong cell walls that resist pests, diseases, and environmental stress. With organic growers not using conventional pesticides, this meant that often crops could be completely wiped out by problems that could otherwise have been tolerated if silicon was
available. Thus organic growers using Sea-Silica now have access to a new weapon in their Integrated Pest management (IPM).
Sea-Silica will break down into mono-silicic acid when diluted into water. This will be absorbed by plant roots and moved to all tissues of the plant to form strong cell walls.
The seaweed bioactives in Sea-Silica, including alginic acid and sulphinated fucans, will further improve plant defence, by acting as elicitors of plant defence receptors. The mannitol from the seaweed will assist the plant in absorbing the key micronutrient boron, and also act as a natural antioxidant.
Furthermore, Sea-Silica can be used as an organic ‘pH Up’ to control the pH of your feed solution.


Silicon - 5.2% (11% as Silica)
Potassium - 4%

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