BudBox Pro XL Plus Grow Tent - 150cm x 150cm x 200cm

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The BudBox Pro tent line is the larger, more robust sibling of the BudBox Lite. It comes with a more robust framework to accommodate heavier loads, metal click-lock connectors to keep the entire tent solid and sturdy, and high-quality tent fabric with precise stitching to keep light inside at all times. You can keep a close check on your growing environment while preventing any potential light leaks with a viewing pane that is green-tinted. The BudBox Pro grow tent is a top-tier grow tent that, in a nutshell, puts all other grow tents to shame.

Even while BudBox tents are widely recognised as the best in the business, their development team is constantly working to make them better. Your growing experience will be a little bit richer thanks to the design modifications and enhancements in the Pro range!

A More Robust Framework
A framework as sturdy as anything else on the market, readily capable of sustaining your grow room equipment (and then some! ), it's made up of metal corners and 16mm (25mm upgraded on the larger models) click-lock poles. Since every pole and bar has been powder-coated, the likelihood of rusting is greatly diminished.

Safely inspect your plants
The Pro range tents each have a 14" x 10" viewing window. You can use this to keep an eye on your plants without having to open the door and disturb the environment inside. Because green light in the spectrum has no impact on plants' light cycles, the window even has a transparent green filter on it. This implies that you can check on your plants through the window at any time day or night without disturbing them.

A better fabric exterior
The original Budbox line's popularity was partly due to the superior cloth exterior. But the most recent model is more tougher and more resilient than the first! Additionally, it is significantly lighter than the original range, making the tent quicker and simpler to set up and take down without sacrificing any of its durability.

  • Dimension: W150cm x D150cm x H200cm
  • 25mm, 1mm thick, powder coated, tempered steel frame
  • No intrusive floor poles gives clear floor space growing area
  • Quick lock, push & click pole assembly
  • Over-sized vents for acoustic ducting
  • Super strong zips
  • Passive screened venting
  • Night vision window
  • Inspection doors
  • Includes roof support bars, silicon pads & straps

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