Canna Cure

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Canna Cure is the natural way to control pests.

Canna Cure is a plant pest and disease controller, protecting your plants in the best way possible without harsh chemical pesticides. Canna Cure is also a leaf nutrient, ensuring healthier plants, bigger flowers and increases yields. It does this by creating a natural breathable second “skin” on your plants, improving leaf colour and vigour to enable optimal photosynthesis and protect them so they can focus on flowering. Pests become stuck to the sticky layer until they starve to death, leaving them no chance to damage the leaves.

• Environmentally friendly.
• Eliminates mildew and pets, including whitefly, spider mites and mealy bugs.
• Stimulates growth and blooming meaning healthier plants, bigger flowers and increased yield.
• Leaves your plant healthy, shiny and clean and resistant from any future infestations and diseases.
• Can be used alongside your normal feeding routine from the beginning of growth until harvesting.

To use apply thoroughly to both sides of the leaves. Use once a week as a preventative measure. With heavy infestation, spray every three days and repeat, if necessary, after a further three days. Then continue to spray as normal weekly.

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