Canna Rhizotonic

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Canna Rhizotonic is a 100% natural, algae based, vegetative simulator for plants. It contains multiple vitamins and adds more than 60 microbiological substances. These microbiological substances, in a balanced root environment, speed up growth considerably.

• Stimulates strong white root growth on rooted plants and cuttings and transplants using vitamins such as B1 & B2.
• When diluted, can use to soak seeds to speed up germination by softening the seed skin.
• Strengthens the plant and increases resistance to disease.
• Aids recovery of stress in plants and improves unhealthy or poorly developed plants.
• Can be used as a leaf spray to raise pH levels in fertilizer tanks.
• Can be used on all types of medium during the whole growth cycle.
• Suitable for potting mix and hydro culture cultivations.

Note: Over-fertilisation has a negative effect on the substrate and the plant.

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