Cultiwool Rockwool Transplanting Cubes

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The Cultiwool Rockwool cubes are high-performance and reliable grow media, made to deliver excellent growth during propagation. The grow cube holds its shape well. During the propagation phase, the grow cubes offer excellent saturation and re-saturation for strong crop development. The Rockwool grow cubes have a positive effect on EC refreshment and deliver better EC distribution. Cultiwool has designed a premium substrate to ensure strong crop growth and increased harvest yields.

General Information

  • The Cultiwool Rockwool grow cube is made for the propagation phase;
  • The grow media ensures excellent saturation and re-saturation;
  • The substrate has a positive effect on EC levels;
  • The substrate offers an excellent air-to-water ratio for rich root growth.


  • It's a high-performance product;
  • It's reliable, durable, and resistant;
  • The substrate is made at the strictest standards of quality.

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