Essential Illuminated Magnifier Loupe

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The ESSENTIALS Microscope range consists of the ESSENTIALS Illuminated Magnifier Loupe, the ESSENTIALS Microscope (60x - 100x) and the ESSENTIALS Microscope (100x). This powerful range of microscopes allows growers to easily identify plant species, as well as pests and diseases not visible to the naked eye, allowing faster remedial reactions and minimising potential damage to your plants. All of the microscopes are complete with high intensity lighting providing targeted illumination. The compact and durable designs allow easy storage in a busy grow room environment.

Key Benefits

• Small Ergonomic Design
• Allows growers to quickly and easily identify pests, diseases or plant species
• Folding metal design meaning lens is protected when not in use
• Simple to use
• Provides targeted illumination
• Super bright LED for optimal vision


3 x LR927 Batteries
1 x ESSENTIALS Illuminated Magnifier Loupe
1 x Lined Storage Case
1 x Multi Language Instruction Card

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