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The Essentials CO₂ Monitor is a user-friendly indoor air quality monitor, which detects CO₂ levels using a Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) spectroscopic sensor. Its large-format display shows the real-time CO₂ level, ambient temperature and relative humidity, along with a clock and a bar-chart indicating how CO₂ levels have changed over the previous 24 hours. It can be set to give a green / amber / red backlight to indicate normal / raised / high levels of CO₂, and there is also a programmable audible alarm which will sound when the CO₂ level reaches a user-set threshold. 
The backlight can be switched off or set to automatically dim from 22:00pm to 06:00am. If preferred, the backlight colour can be selected from seven colour options to complement the surroundings. 
Powered via a USB lead from a mains power adaptor (supplied) or from a PC or USB Power Bank. 

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