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Protect your hands with Packs Protect Clean Hands. New to the Packs Protect range, we have Packs Protect "Clean Hands". These premium PU Handling Gloves are made from lightweight Polyurethane (PU). Polyurethane is incredibly stretchy, making PU gloves one of the most suitable forms of hand protection for jobs requiring sensitivity and skill. Packs Protect "Clean Hands" are available in two sizes, S/M and L/XL, with a seamless knitted lining and knitted cuff for a snug fit. The breathable fabric keeps your hands dry and comfortable by preventing sweating. The close-fitting design and superior grip make them an ideal choice for trimming and handling tasks of all descriptions in the grow room. The rubberised layer also helps if you are moving bags of media that can be slippery when damp. Packs Protect "Clean Hands" are versatile and can be of great use outside of the grow room for many other jobs, including domestic tasks or more precise manual handling roles, including the assembly of small or intricate components, electrical parts and the fitting of small screws or fastenings. The properties of the polyurethane material allow the wearer to have an increased grip whilst retaining considerable protection and flexibility.

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