GT- Clonex Rooting Gel 50ml

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Want explosive root growth? Try – Clonex Rooting Gel.

It’s a packed with rooting hormones, vitamins, nutrients & anti-fungal agents.

It’ll help your plants develop roots and protect new roots. To prevent infections & embolisms, it seals cut tissue instantly.

Remember, Clonex is a thick gel… it sticks to plant stems to aid cuttings throughout rooting.

Expect extreme root growth and a remarkable increase in cutting success rate. 

• For use on freshly taken cuttings
• Speeds up rooting times
• Significantly increases cutting success rates
• Contains rooting hormones at 3000 parts per million
• Wards off stem-rot (anti-fungal agent)
• Contains nutrient & trace elements to further promote strong root development
• Maximum results - sticks to plant stems throughout rooting
• Seals plant stems to prevent infections
• Safe –won’t splash – it’s a gel!
• Can be used with any type of rooting-plug

We recommend

Combine Clonex Rooting Gel with Clonex Mist for maximum results

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