GT Liquid Oxygen 11.9% (Oxy-Plus)

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Hydroponic grower? For a sterile, disease free tank and healthy plant roots, use Oxy-Plus 11.9%

  • Hydrogen peroxide (H202)
  • Fights root diseases (like Pythium)
  • Oxygenates your root zone, improving growth
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Use to sterilise hydroponic systems and clean equipment

It's hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). When added to your tank, it quickly breaks down and releases oxygen molecules to:

1. Attack diseases, fungal spores and pathogens in your tank
2. Clean and sterilise grow room equipment
3. Improve nutrient uptake

Overall, you’ll get healthier, disease free roots and stronger, faster growing plants.  To sterilise your system between crops, use it at higher concentrations. 

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