Hesi Coco

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Coco Makes Your Plants Go Loco

Hesi Coco fertiliser is a complete mixture with all the nutrients a plant needs for its development. The special properties of the coco substrate are fully met, regardless of whether it is used as fibre in hydroponics or as coco pulp in pot culture. Coco-medium can absorb certain minerals, this is taken into account in the fertiliser.

Coco as a medium does not contain any nutrients by itself, which makes permanent fertilisation necessary. The change from growth to flowering requires a radical reorientation of all parts of the plant. The composition of our Hesi Coco is designed especially to fulfil the needs of your flowering plants in this medium. This way, your plants grown on a coco medium will flourish and blossom throughout their plant-life.

  • Simple to use, for the beginner grower and also the professionals
  • The added vitamines and the amino-acids result in a revitalised substrate
  • Specifically designed for Coco substrates

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