Krystal 16" Oscillating Wall Mounted Fan

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Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the Krystal 16" Oscillating Wall Fan. Designed specifically for indoor gardeners, this fan is your secret weapon for creating the perfect environment for your plants. Ensure optimal airflow, prevent mould, and promote healthier growth with customizable settings. Its space-saving wall-mounted design and easy installation make it a must-have addition to your indoor garden.

  • Krystal 16" Oscillating Wall Fan: Ideal for Indoor Gardeners
  • Ensures Optimal Airflow for Thriving Plants
  • Promotes Enhanced Plant Growth and Prevents Mould
  • Customisable Airflow with 3 Speed Settings
  • Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Design
  • Effortless Installation with Included Hardware
  • 3 Speed Switch / Pull String
  • Steel Front & Rear Grills
  • Smooth & Quiet Operation

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