Lighthouse Heavy Duty Steel Plate Hook

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Heavy-duty zinc-plated steel plate hook. Dimension 55mm from fixing surface to centre of hook. Suitable for screw-fixing to ceiling joists, timber studding or to masonry walls, or bolt-fixing to steel surfaces. Load capacity dependent upon type and condition of surface fixed to. Ideal for hanging filters, lighting fixtures, ducting etc. along with many other applications such as fixing catenary wires to support power cables or espalier-trained fruiting plants.

Technical Specifications:

• 55mm from fixing surface to centre of hook
• Zinc-plated steel
• Qty 1 per pack

Q: How should I fix the hook?
A: If fixing to a ceiling or to a dry-lined wall, first locate a timber joist of beam nearest to the desired location. Fix hook baseplate to surface using woodscrews of appropriate size. If fixing to masonry or to steel, first drill holes (using the hook baseplate as a template). In masonry, fit wall plugs of appropriate size, and fix the hook with woodscrews. The hook should be fixed to steel using nuts and bolts of appropriate size.

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