Lumatek ATS 200W Pro

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The higher specification Lumatek ATS200W Pro LED is a light-weight fixture producing high levels of PPF of 508 µmol/s and a Photon Efficacy (fixture efficiency) of 2.5 µmol/J, covering perfectly up to 0,8×0,8m grow areas.

• High Efficacy 2.5 µmol/J
• High PPF output for high intensity 508 µmol/s
• High quality Lumatek LED driver
• New Clear Glue protection cover technology on LED bars
• Top bin LEDs - Balanced full spectrum
• Improved light spread and uniformity
• External control with Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0
• Compact design ideal for up to 0,8mx0,8m grow area
• Fully Dimmable
• User friendly Plug & Play Assembling

Items included:
• 1 x ATS200W Pro LED Fixture with Driver
• 1 x Power Cable 230V
• 1 x 0-10V Light Dimmer + Velcro
• 2 x Metal Cable Hangers
• 1 x Manual

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