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The LUMii 4+2 Socket Enviro Contactor Timer is an ideal means to control HID lighting and heating in your growing environment through the 24-hour diurnal cycle. The world leading Grässlin timer allows on/off times to be set with precision in 15-minute gradations. The heavy-duty contactor will power four sockets for HID lamps and one (switched) for a heater, without the load causing harm to the timer, such that when the lights are on, the heater is off, and vice versa. A sixth, untimed utility socket, controlled by its own switch, can be used for any other electrical application.  

Key selling points:  
  • Designed and assembled in UK 
  • Brackets provided for wall mounting or hanging from tent poles 
  • Robust and durable 
  • Up to 26 amps maximum load 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Voltage 230V-240V AC 
  • Maximum Load 26 Amps, 13 amps each side. 
  • 2 x 13 Amp mains plugs 

Output Socket Capacities – Max 13 Amps total each side of timer dial 
Socket H - Heater  2 x Sockets B 
- Lighting 
  2 x Sockets B 
- Lighting 
Socket U 
– Switched Utility 
13 Amps = 2800W Maximum Load  2 x 1000W (10 Amps)  2 x 1000W (10 Amps)  3 Amps – 600W Max Load 
1 x 1000W + 1 x 600W (8 Amps)  1 x 1000W + 1 x 600W (8 Amps)  5 Amps – 1000W Max Load 
2 x 600W (6 Amps)  2 x 600W (6 Amps)  7 Amps – 1400W Max Load 

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